Doing it all yourself - all the time?
                Get the Capable Help You Need!!
Delegating tasks and projects will reduce the stress in your life and increase the time that you have for yourself, your friends, family, travel, and all the things you really enjoy. Your Earth Angels can also assist in making your home a more organized, comfortable place that you will love to come home to and work in.

By the Project or Regular Appointments ...

Whether you need only occassional help with projects, or you look forward to having your assistant arrive at regularly scheduled weekly or monthly appointments, Your Earth Angels will step in and help you get things done while bringing a sense of ease and balance into your life.

Do you feel trapped?  Has your "To Do" list got you overwhelmed?
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Your Earth Angels: Your efficient Personal Assistants 
Liberating you from details, allowing you the freedom to tend to the things that most interest you - having a personal assistant or household manager may be what you need to keep your busy life from becoming unmanageably demanding.

Big Projects or Small Assignments 
Tasks come in all varieties, they all need to get done methodically. Let Earth Angels help you organize, arrange, oversee, coordinate or manage the projectsthat you dont have time to do. Your projects, household, office or clients will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Common Types of Assistance

Personal Angel Services [More]
  • Personal management services
  • Organization
  • Personal shopping: household, clothing and gifts
  • Errands, pick-ups, deliveries, and shipping
  • Residential/home administration; filing, pay bills, return phone calls, answer emails
  • Escort children or elders to and from appointments 
Earth Angels - Personal Assisting - Marin County
Earth Angels - Personal Assisting - Marin County
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Home Assistant
Office Assistance
Home Angel Services [More]
  • Home management/home manager, and improvement-coordination
  • Auto appointments; repairs/maintenance
  • Pet sitting, walking, appointments
  • Home improvement coordination, and supervision
  • Home vendor service appointments/supervision; PGE, telephone, cable, other 

Office Angel Services [More]
  • Office vendor service appointments; PGE, telephone, cable, other
  • Meet with and coordinate contractor work during remodels
  • Coordinate and oversee movers
  • Coordinate and manage social events and parties
  • Office Management
  • Research work
  • Coordinate web or printing projects 
Personal Assistent / Concierge Services:  Serving Marin County, Bay Area, Corte Madera, Larkspur, Mill Valley, San Anselmo, Sausalito, Tiburon, CA
Personal Assistant - Concierge